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The digital alarm clock approached the alarm time, 8:50 A. M. Early for a party-going college student of 21 years. Verda Gohlinghorsh woke up, with a minute left to go before her alarm would ring out its loud song. It was Sunday, and the only reason she woke up this early on Sundays was so she could get back into the swing in time for Monday.

Verda was happy about no classes today, her right eye felt funny, like something was stuck in the tear duct, something like a superball; those fifty cent pieces of crap that little boys are always bouncing.  She padded her way to the bathroom, praying this wasn’t some shitty sty. If it was, Parker would have to come over and play the super hero boyfriend for Verda, then laugh at her fear of eye balls.

She leaned over the counter, to get a closer look in the mirror. Something was most definitely in Verda’s tear duct. Using her index and middle fingers, she poked and prodded at the tear duct, the ball like form had a bit of a give. It was not solid like a superball. It was still a monstrosity. Verda grabbed her phone from her room and quickly did a search on eye tumors. The photos made her heart sink as she called up Parker.

He hurried over to her dorm to comfort his sobbing girlfriend, telling her she probably caught it early and nothing serious would happen, always the good doting boyfriend. That he would make sure she stayed on top of all her classwork. Verda asked him to spend the night with her and help her make an appointment with the doctors. Parker agreed. After she called the doctor, he went out to get them dinner.

After dinner, they turned on Netflix and watched episodes of Family Guy or American Dad, same thing if you asked Verda. During the night, even when Parker had fallen asleep, he felt something crawl across his arm. He only stirred long enough to remove the thing, but not long enough to find out what it was. Mere moments later, Parker felt another crawling sensation and another and another.

He awoke to see hundreds of baby spiders on his arm, he screamed and stood up, shaking the babies from his arms. Parker looked down at his girlfriend and screamed. Coming out of her eye, from the tumor, were a waterfall of baby spiders.