aka Ruth Paradis

  • I live in Hollyweird
  • I was born on July 12
  • My occupation is Author/Paralegal
  • I am Female
  • LexPetitxVampire


    January 29, 2019 by LexPetitxVampire

    Ever since Kim Harrington was a young child, she had wanted to follow rock bands around and be their groupies; her father always corrected her, saying she wanted to be a roadie, as she got older, she learned to retort, she wanted to fuck the rock stars raw.

    When Kim turned twenty-one years old, she fell in love with a rock band known as Adrenaline Rush, a little rock band out of Washington. She knew she wanted to be their groupie, if only for the guitarist and bassist, Chris Berry and Lew Correa.

    What made Adrenaline Rush so awesome for her, aside from some musical eye candy, was it was something she could share with her father, and he stopped correcting her groupie dream. He even told Kim not to use a rubber, and get pregnant.

    Child support…

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  • LexPetitxVampire


    January 25, 2019 by LexPetitxVampire

    Ricky Stanley awoke, he had a dream, not exactly a bad dream, just a weird one. Ricky ran a hand through his honey dipped hair and sighed. One about Ricky’s ex-fiancée. He turned over to face the TV in his room and he sighed a sad, sad sigh.

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was on TV, Ricky’s ex-fiancée’s favorite movie – or it was last her talked to her. The movie filled him with a cold delight. There was a knock at the upstairs door, his room was in his grandmother’s basement.

    Ricky’s grandmother was in Florida with the rest of his family. It was his job to answer the door. Ricky looked out of the peephole and saw his ex-fiancée, only she had no face. He opened the door and she was gone.

    Ricky shook his head; he knew the Texas Chainsaw Massacre…

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  • LexPetitxVampire

    The Woods

    January 25, 2019 by LexPetitxVampire

    Trevor Guns had an issue, a problem, he had lost the plot. Something Trevor couldn’t let go. His girlfriend had visited him a few years back in Ohio. But she had gone missing the day before she was to leave. Trevor’s friends told him, she had gone home, that she no longer wanted to be friends or romantically involved with him. But he knew something else was up; he remembered how bad she had wanted to go back and revisit the graveyard.

    Which is where Trevor Guns sat. The graveyard was old, abandoned. The lot was no more than a field and the gravestones sat just inside the forest and were scattered about the tall trees and around the little creek that sat in the woods. Trevor sat in his jeep, just staring at the line of trees that made the e…

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  • LexPetitxVampire

    Man in the Mini Mart

    December 20, 2018 by LexPetitxVampire

    My husband, father-in-law and myself were coming home from a Las Vegas trip. We had stopped in Kingman, Arizona for a few hours – my father-in-law knew someone who lived there and my husband took me to get a tattoo. My father-in-law met us at the tattoo parlor as the guy was finishing up a butterfly tattoo on my arm, and we all stepped outside.

    We stepped outside and my father-in-law threw the butt of his cigarette out to the ground, and ran a hand through his hair – which I adore! The sun dazzled upon its honey dipped color, and told us he needed to fill the tank of his car.

    We all met back up again at a service station, and I ran inside to use the restroom, before we drove back to California. I step inside of the small store, and look aro…

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  • LexPetitxVampire

    High School Job

    November 26, 2018 by LexPetitxVampire

    A few feet away from my high school, there was a gas station; most students worked at the Starbucks, or Del Taco or hell, even the Carl’s Jr across the street – or if they were really clean, they worked at In-n-Out. I didn’t get along too well with the kids at my school, so I decided to take a part time job at the gas station.

    When the owner found out I didn’t have a zero period, he stuck me with all the night shifts. Being that this gas station was on a main road that connected Orange to the rest of the world, it was heavily trafficked at all times, so the front door had to stay open.

    I was never real wild about having the night shift, but the boss allowed me to play whatever music I wanted – within a certain limit – and Ozzy and Alice Coo…

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